Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The Role of Emotional Intelligence on EFL Teachers’Success at Schools and in Institutes    M.Sc.    ,    2009-06-07
2    Teachers’ Immediacy Behaviours and Students’ Willingness to Talk :A case of Iranian EFL Learners    M.Sc.    Nezhad, Rasool    2009-10-31
3    Willingness to communicate among undergraduate Iranian EFL students with regard to their vocabulary knowledge: an exploratory study    M.Sc.    ,    2009-10-31
4    A Comparative Study of Complimenting Behavior between Persian and English: A Speech Act Study    M.Sc.    ,    2010-01-10
5    Designing and developing 3 ESP Sample Texts for the Students of Physical Education    M.Sc.    Rezaei Namjoo, Farideh    2010-01-25
6    A comparative study of Hafiz’s Divan and Emerson’s Complete works    Ph.D    taebi noghondari, zohreh    2010-01-31
7    Discourse analysis of iranian identity in shahnameh ferdowsi    M.Sc.    bostan, zahra    2010-04-12
8    A persian translation of \\\\\\\"An introduction to text linguistics\\\\\\\"    M.Sc.    saeedy, habib    2010-04-27
9    Explicitation in Quran translation: a case study of    M.Sc.    jalali, newsha    2010-05-18
10    A Stylistic Analysis of Imam Mohammad Ghazali    Ph.D    dorpar, maryam    2010-06-06
11    The impact of cultural, social and literary backgrounds of literary translators on th quality of their translation    M.Sc.    akbari, alireza    2010-06-21
12    A Contrastive study ino thei Realization of Suggestion Speech act: Persian Vs. English    M.Sc.    sharafaddini, maryam    2010-10-27
13    A comparative study of persuasion speech act in Persian and English    M.Sc.    rasouli, parisa    2010-10-27
14    Constructing a Sociology of Translation    M.Sc.    Jamalimanesh, Alireza    2011-02-23
15    The development of the criteria of translation criticism in Iran from 1941 to 1978 and the analysis of the critics theoretical framework on the basis of the House\\\\\\\\    M.Sc.    Heidarpour, Amir Davood    2011-05-24
16    Validating a Translation Strategy Questionnaire & Examining its Relation to Translation Students\' Locus of Control and Translation Achievement    M.Sc.    Moharer, Ali    2011-06-28
17    Exploring the relationship between Iranian EFL teachers’ creativiy and burnout: A Chaos theory approch    M.Sc.    Raeesi, Ali    2011-09-27
18    Constructing and Validating an Iranian National Identity Scale, and Examining the Role of English Language Learning and Textbooks in National Identity of Learners in Formal and Informal Settings of Learning in Iran    M.Sc.    Bazri, Elahe    2011-11-28
20    Enhancing Life-wise Creativity in Language Learners through Life Syllabus: An Implementation of Applied ELT Theory    Ph.D    navari farmad, safoora    2012-01-30
21    The analysis of unclear verses in Quran    M.Sc.    ghamkhah, AZAM    2012-02-22
22    L1/L2 Interactions in the Learning of Written Formulaic Sequences: Evidence from Longitudinal Learner Corpora, Brain Neuroimaging, and Contrastive Rhetoric    Ph.D    Shamsaee, Saeedeh    2012-03-03
23    Construction and Validation of Translation Metacognitive Strategy Questionnaire and Its Application to Translation Quality    M.Sc.    Kianian, Elahe    2012-03-05
24    The Role of Dynamic Assessment in Promoting Translation Trainees Performance    M.Sc.    Rezvani, Elaheh    2012-03-16
25    Textuality in Modern poetry based on “ Nima- Sepehri- babachahi “    Ph.D    ,    2012-06-24
26    Translation of Culture-Bound Items: Strategies and General Approach    M.Sc.    Behjatian, Iman    2012-07-18
27    Investigating the Integration of Translation Technologies into Translation Programs in Iranian Universities: Basis for a Syllabus Design in Translation Technology    M.Sc.    Erfani Hamidi, Ali    2013-01-13
28    An Assessment of Taught Courses in Iranian Master’s Program in English Translation: A Mixed-Methods Study    M.Sc.    Lesan Toosi, Fahimeh    2013-02-02
29    Book translation    M.Sc.    Bicharanlooie, Farzaneh    2013-02-09
30    Validation and application of a questionnaire on appropriate fiction translation in the view of university student readership: an expectancy norms study    M.Sc.    Bijani, Saeedeh    2013-02-11
31    Translation of political speeches in Persian    M.Sc.    Rakhshani, Alireza Shahriar    2013-02-11
32    Relationships between Tendencies for Critical Analysis of ST Discourse Categories in Translation and Critical Thinking Abilities of English Translation Students    M.Sc.    SADEGHPOOR, ROYA    2013-03-09
33    The effect of time pass on addition and omission in translation    M.Sc.    shamsoddini, reyhaneh    2013-03-09
34    Comparison of the Translation Processes of Graduating BA and MA Students of English and Persian Translation    M.Sc.    Sari, Sara    2013-03-09
35    agents and social factors influencing the selection of translated navels    M.Sc.    Mohammadzadeh, anita    2013-03-09
36    a critical view on translation of political news based on three demensional model an ideological approach    M.Sc.    eriss, azadeh    2013-03-16
37    analysis of emphatic object in english and persian translations of Quran    M.Sc.    ERTEZA, NAHID    2013-04-30
38    In translation, translators on their works and what it means.    M.Sc.    Khosrofar, Zahra    2013-05-07
39    Stress and Gender in Written and Sight Translation    M.Sc.    baghi, hoorieh    2013-05-11
40    An Analysis of the Acceptability and Efficacy of Translation Tasks From the Viewpoint of EFL Learners and Teachers    M.Sc.    Zarrabi Ajami, Muhammad Rasul    2013-05-21
41    a disruptive study of translation of exclamatory terms in Quran    M.Sc.    Rahimi Tabar, Somayeh    2013-06-05
42    The identification of translational text-linguistic norm sets in lexical, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic levels and the investigation of the nature of these sets.    M.Sc.    Safi keikaleh, Elham    2013-06-12
43    َA companion to Translation Studies    M.Sc.    Zamany, Ali Yasser    2013-09-15
44    Methods of polysemy translation in Persian and English translations of Quran    M.Sc.    ABBAS ZADEH ZOSHKI, ATENA    2013-10-14
45    evaluation of persian language expansion through translation:case study of four translation of the book    M.Sc.    EBRAHIMZADEH FAKHAR, SEPIDEH    2013-11-23
46    Investigating Cultural Orientations of Iranian English Translation Students in Relation to Their Age, Gender, and Translation Quality    M.Sc.    salemi, fateme    2013-11-23
47    Ideology, Culture and translation    M.Sc.    Sadrzadeh Moghadam, Soheil    2013-12-20
48    A persian Translation of    M.Sc.    imandar, mojtaba    2014-02-03
49    Exploring Teaching Interpreting in Iranian BA in English Translation    M.Sc.    Alikhanzadeh, Hamid    2014-02-08
50    Investigating motivations and objectives of undergraduate students from studying English translation    M.Sc.    Fadakar, Dariush    2014-03-15
51    An Exploratory Investigation on Translator Trainers’ Sub-competences    M.Sc.    Rezaee Danesh, Yalda    2014-03-15
52    Investigating the Influence of Narrative Intelligence on Performance and Quality of Translation    M.Sc.    heidari, fatemeh    2014-03-15
53    an intercultural move analysis of english and persian management research articles    Ph.D    Harati, Nazar Ali    2014-04-26
54    Investigation of Strategies for Translating Elements in Subtitled Movies, a Case Study of A Separation    M.Sc.    Rezvanpanah, Elahe    2014-08-17
55    Synchrony and Cultural Appropriation in Dubbing: Persian Dubbed Versions of    M.Sc.    Aghamolaei Javaran, Elham    2015-03-09
56    comparing translation reviosion procedures by Iranian BA and MA students    M.Sc.    masoumi, fateme    2015-03-09
57    A Mixed-methods Study of the Capitals, Status, and Prospect of the Translation Profession in Iran    M.Sc.    Kafi, Mohsen    2015-03-09
58    Critical Discourse Analysis of the Persian Translations of Pope Francis's Speeches in Iranian News Agencies    M.Sc.    Motaghizadeh, Saeed    2015-03-16
59    Investigation of Manipulations in Persian Translations of English Political News in Four Iranian News Agencies    M.Sc.    SHAHRIARI, ZOHREH    2015-03-16
60    Baker’s Socio-Narrative Theory in Film Adaptation: A Case Study    M.Sc.    Zakerin, Mahboobeh    2015-09-14
61    Translation of Extralinguistic Cultural References in the English Subtitles of Iranian Movies on Jame-Jam    M.Sc.    Lori, Fateme    2016-01-18
62    Current Status of Translation Publishing in Iran and its Effects on Translator Trainees    M.Sc.    Askary, Mohsen    2016-03-14
63    Investigating Iran's Literary Translation System: A Social Network Analysis (SNA) Perspective    Ph.D    Ashrafi, Nasrin    2016-06-22
64    Translation and Public Diplomacy: Exploring the role of Translation Policy in Fulfilling the Goals of IRI's Public Diplomacy    Ph.D    Heidarpour, Amir Davood    2016-08-27
65    Investigating the Translation of Children's Literature in Iran before and after the Islamic Revolution    Ph.D    Ghazanfari Moghaddam, Nadia    2016-08-28
66    Translation as Rewriting: A Study of Coleman Barks' Rewritings of Mawlana's Works    Ph.D    Sharifi, Ahmad    2016-08-29
67    Exploring non-expert online translation (demographics, agency, tools and motivation)    Ph.D    Mardani, Vahid    2016-09-05
68    Translation of the singability of songs into persian in dubbed animations    M.Sc.    Mohamad Alizadeh, Binazir    2016-11-09
69    A critical discourse analysis of the 2016 U.S presidential election debates and their persian translations by vanDijk's socio-cognitive model.    M.Sc.    Fadaei, Mehrdad    2017-01-15
70    Effect of Lip-Reading on Simultaneous Interpreting: Case of a Training Environment    M.Sc.    Norouzifar, Nima    2017-03-13